Teaching Team


Roberta Sun

Roberta Sun has been a coach for the Cal Ballroom team since 2008 and has taught Standard dances for 22 years. She teaches the technique courses at Cal Ballroom and she offers private lessons to the Cal Ballroom team.

Roberta started dancing in 1988 and her first competition was in 1989. Her early training included standard, Latin, smooth, and rhythm. She started teaching and competing professionally in 1994 when she graduated from high school. Roberta has competed professionally in both standard and smooth and in 1997 won professional rising star smooth with Jonathan Roberts. In addition, She holds a bachelors of science in kinesiology from San Jose State University. Her students have competed and placed at nationals during most of the last 20 years of her teaching career. Roberta is whole heartedly dedicated to her students as people and as dancers.



An Hoang

An Hoang is an alumni of the Cal Ballroom team and specializes in Latin. He has several national titles in Latin, teaches Latin technique, and offers private lessons to the team.


Student Teachers


Beginners Class

Julia Wilson is a junior Landscape Architecture major who has been on the ballroom team since her freshman year. In addition to dancing in Berkeley, she also danced extensively while studying abroad in Chile.

Daniel Shen is a Berkeley student in Engineering. He has been on the ballroom team since his freshman year, and has competed for 3 years.

Intermediate Class

Fiona Chatterjee is a senior at Cal, majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology. With a strong background in ballet, Fiona has been dancing with Cal Ballroom for 4 years and has competed in and won many collegiate competitions. Fiona and Micheal have also competed at the national level and placed.

Michael Busche is a PhD candidate in Plant Biology. Starting his dance career as an undergrad at Purdue University, he and Fiona have placed and won many events. Michael has a strong background in partner dance and has competed at the national level and placed.


Beginners Class

Emily Payne is in her third year as a Cognitive Science major. She has been dancing in ballet since she was a small child and joined the ballroom team in her freshman year at Berkeley. Emily and her partner Arthur have competed, placed, and won across California.

Bob Zhou is a PhD candidate in Computer Science. He has been dancing for 4 years. In addition to teaching, Bob also acts as the co-president for Cal Ballroom.

Intermediate Class

Iliana Lopez is a senior at Cal with a major in Psychology and has danced with Cal Ballroom for 3 years. An experienced dancer, Iliana has competed in and placed in many collegiate competitions.

Matthew Chow is in his last year at Cal as a Physics major. He has danced with Cal Ballroom for 3 years. Matthew has competed, placed, and won in many collegiate, national, and international competitions.